Roberto Monfermoso



Roberto was born in Biella (Italy), he moved to Canton Ticino to attend the Bachelor Sc. Degree in Physiotherapy at the Semmelweis University with a separate university in Lugano.

Always in the world of sport, Roberto first played for Pallacanestro Biella in the highest Italian league, growing in the youths until arriving in the first team in the 2012/13 season. Moving to Ticino, after a brief period as a player, he decided to pursue a career as a coach in SAM Basket Massagno. In 2015 the first Swiss national title came with the u19 holding the role of assistant coach, while in 2018 he crowned the dream of winning the title as head coach with the u15. Side by side with physiotherapy, Roberto embarks a study of physical trainer with the Italian Basketball Federation (APFIP).
To further specialize in the field, Roberto enrolled in a Master in Sports Physiotherapy at the University of Pisa starting from December 2018.


  • from 2015 to 2018 he was the coach in the youth movement of SAM Basket Massagno, also holding the role of head of physical preparation;
  • since 2017 he cooperates with the Swiss National Youth Basketball Team as a physical coach and responsible for physical tests;
  • from 2018 he joins the Senior National Team, taking on the role of physical coach and assistant coach;
  • since 2018 he is the coach of the u15 cantonal basketball selection of the Ticino, in addition to playing an active role in physical programming for Ticinobasket;
  • since 2018 he began a collaboration as team physiotherapist of the American football team Lugano Rebel
  • since 2018 he is a member of NOVAVIA Project's operative staff in the organization of international training courses in rehabilitation in Italy, Switzerland and France.

Following a work experience in Fribourg, with great pleasure Roberto resumes collaborating with Sports Rehab Lugano, with the aim of integrating into a healthy and professional rehabilitation structure.